Review Powerslide Swell Black City 125

3x125mm rolls on a fitness skate? If this makes sense and whether the Powerslide Swell Black City 125 could convince us, we clarify in the following test report.

The Powerslide Swell Black City 125 comes in a discreet black with yellow accents. The softboot of the skate has a shell made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. In our skate test this provided good results in terms of power transmission. To ensure a good fit, Powerslide also relies on the concept of the MYFIT Recall Liner. The effect is an adaptation of the shoe to the foot by the body heat of the wearer. The Powerslide Recall Skate sole is available as an optional accessory to improve the fit and give the foot a little more support.

The fixation of the skate on the foot is done by a classic lacing with waxed laces. This is supported by a 45 degree velcro tape in the instep area. A solid ratchet buckle has been built into the cuff. This also gives the skate a super hold at the top. Our testers were convinced by the closure system and there was a lot of positive feedback on the skate's hold and comfort. A special feature that our test riders have noticed is the excellent ventilation of the Powerslide Swell Black City 125, which is located above the toe area and centrally under the foot. So even long tours were easily possible without the feet getting too hot while riding.

Powerslide relies on the Trinity mounting concept when choosing the rail. The frame is fixed in the front with two screws and to the rear with one screw. This has the advantage that the power transmission while skating is increased once again and that the distance between boot and wheels is smaller than with conventional two-point mounting system. These features ensure a lower standing height and thus more safety and stability when riding.

The wheels and bearings are a combination of 3x125mm wheels with a hardness of 86a and Abec 9 bearings from Wicked. The wheels are very close to each other. The test has shown that this not only makes the skate super fast, but also very manoeuvrable. Thanks to the excellent PU mixture of the wheels, there is sufficient grip even in tight curves. Another positive aspect is how comfortable it is to skate with the large castors. Even on rough asphalt or uneven stretches you glide very safely and comfortably.

Included in delivery is a HABS brake (High Adjustable Brake System). Here you can adjust the braking angle of the HABS-Brake pad to your own needs.

The overall concept of the Powerslide Swell Black City 125 convinced us. It feels just as at home in the city as it does on extended touring. Thanks to the above-mentioned ventilation and the recall liner, the skate always sits safely and comfortably on your feet. After the evaluation of all driving reports we can now say that 3x125mm wheels fit perfectly under a fitness skate that can be used for many purposes.