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Welcome at der-rollenshop.de - your speedskating and inlineskating expert since 2001. You will find more than 3000 products for all types of skating. Choose inlineskates, wheels, frames, bearings and accessories from the best and most popular brands like MATTER, BONT, POWERSLIDE, ROLLERBLADE, CADO MOTUS and MPC just as smaller brands like AMWING, MOVEMAX, LUIGINO and MARIANI. Especially for the nordic skaters we offer everything you need to explore the nature and offroad tracks: The is no limit with the 200mm nordic skates NORDIC SCOUT and the 150mm skates from SKIKE, POWERSLIDE NORDIC and FLEET. For all the urban adventurers we have STUNTSCCOTERS, WAVEBOARDS and FREELINEKSKATES.